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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Photos ~ artistic: ? Kissable Lips? ...

Everything but trout pouts: Gobsmacking animal designs good enough to kiss

Artist Paige Thompson had a foxy idea when she puckered up in front of the mirror and started to paint these amazing animal designs - on her own lips.
Now her unique take on face-painting has become an Internet sensation, attracting thousands of followers to her website and sparking demand for new creations.
The 21-year-old was feeling bored when she stumbled across some Halloween make-up she had as a child and began to paint colourful and cute animals on her mouth before photographing them.
A red crab
A red crab: Paige takes half an hour in front of a mirror to paint each creation
A red fox smirks on Paige's lips
A red fox: An early creation and one of Paige's favourites
A bumble bee on Paige's lips
A bumble bee: The first of Paige's 'Animal-ipstick' creations

She started with a bumblebee, then a fox, and as her menagerie grew she christened them 'Animal-ipsticks'. 
Paige takes half an hour in front of a mirror to paint each creation, starting with a base colour and adding details such as stripes, eyes and ears.
So far Paige has created a bumblebee, black cat, fox, crab, caterpillar, hippo, chameleon and panda, sticking to a basic pallette of red, blue, yellow, green, black and white.
Her childhood set of water-based paints came with a small brush but she has since bought other brushes to allow her to get better detail. But she refuses to spend money on expensive branded make-up.
A caterpillar design on Paige's lips

A purple Hippo design on Paige's lips
A caterpillar and a hippo: Paige starts with a base colour and adds details such as stripes, eyes and ears
Panda design
A panda: 'There are so many animals I don't think I'll ever run out of ideas,' says Paige

Paige, from Texas, was inspired to try her own lipstick art after admiring the face-painting of other artists.
'I had virtually nothing to do around the house, so I tried my luck with some old Halloween face paint that we had used since I was a kid,' she said.
'My first animal-lipstick, the bumblebee, wasn't even formed as an idea until I painted my lips yellow and added some random black stripes. It was then apparent that a face was needed.
'I thought the result was cute, so I made a few more. I never imagined so many people would love these photos.'
A black cat on Paige's lips
A black cat: Paige's creations have left thousands of fans wanting more
A colourful Chameleon design on Paige's lips
A colourful Chameleon: 'Animnal-ipsticks' stem from boredom and an old set of Halloween paints

Paige continued: 'I chose to do animals because I had already done the bumblebee, so I thought I could expand upon the animal kingdom.
'After all, there are so many animals, I don't think I'll ever run out of ideas.
'My personal favourites are the bumblebee and the fox since those were two of my first, and most adorable, Animal-ipsticks.
'I'm not a huge makeup fan, but I am an art student and working with different mediums is fun and comes naturally to me.'
The next animals in line for Paige's lip-smacking treatment are be a jaguar, zebra, monkey, parrot and a dog.

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