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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Japanese Innovations

The skirt for Japanese girls ...
This is not just a skirt ... ;)

Despite the fact that the level of street crime in Japan is relatively low, many recognize that more and more start to worry about their safety. Ms. Tsukioka demonstrates how the dress turns into a machine.

Dress up as a vending machine - the invention of designer clothes Aya Tsukioka, help a single woman to escape from his pursuers.

She says her inspiration the Japanese ninjas who at night hiding under a black veil.

The fact that people react impassively to such ideas, or that such ideas do appear, emphasizes love of Japanese society to the original ideas and inventions.

Even Ms. Tsukioka devised disguise for children: a backpack that turns into a Japanese fire hydrant, hiding the child.

She says that this masking is experimental, and sometimes even useless, "especially if you are shaking hands."

Kento Nakase, 6 years, illustrates the transformation of the backpack.

Ms. Tsukioka admits that her ideas may be slightly bizarre. But the characteristic of the Japanese - to indulge his imagination, has always been one of the strengths of their culture.

"Bag-hatch" - another of its invention, it can hide your valuables, turned into a sewer manhole cover, if it is deployed. "Foreigners are my ideas may seem strange," says Ms. Tsukioka, «but in Japan they may well become a reality."

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