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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Underwater Photography Competition Medal Winners 2011/12

This picture gallery features some of the winners of one of the world's biggest underwater photography competitions. More than 11,000 photos, from 130 countries, were submitted to this year's contest. Included is a small selection of  favourites here; see for many more.
Over/Under, runner-up: Stuart Ganz, United States
Wide Angle - Marine Life, runner-up: Manta Madness, by Tobias Friedrich, Germany
Sharks: runner-up: Bruce, the smiling 5m male great white, by Sam Cahir, Australia
Macro, bronze medal: A Moray Family, Seychelles, by Sue Ferreira, South Africa
Freshwater, bronze medal: Great lightning in the Verzasca River in Switzerland, by Tobias Friedrich, Germany
Wide Angle - Divers, gold medal: A swarm around a diver, by Christian Schlamann, Germany
Freshwater, gold medal: Wraysbury Lake's London Taxi Cab and Diver by Nick Blake, United Kingdom
Macro - swimming, silver medal: Dirty Dancing by Marcello Di Francesco, Italy
Wide Angle - Natural Light. bronze medal: Trumpetfish (Aulostomus maculatus) by Brad Ryon, United States
Wide Angle - Divers, silver medal: Freediving competition in swimming pool, Dahab, by Horen Stalbe, Egypt
Over/Under, silver medal: Swimming, by Levent Albas, Turkey
Super macro, runner-up: Kiss me, by Doris Vierkoetter, Germany
Over/Under runner-up: Boat & Mountain outside Water , by Jagwang Koo, South Korea
Wide Angle Marine Life, gold medal: A mother Humpback Whale, by Steven Anderson, United States
Wide Angle - Marine Life, silver medal: Alp Baranok, Turkey
Wide Angle - Wrecks, gold medal: The newly-sunk wreck of USS Kittiwake, by Paul Colley, United Kingdom
Macro - not swimming, silver medal: Call of the Wild, by Suzan Meldonian, United States

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