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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The very first unit ...

It is with these devices has begun the development of various gadgets, without which our modern life difficult to manage ... 

 ANITA - the first electronic calculator (1961)

 Sony CDP 101 CD player first CD (1982) 

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X - first cell phone (1983) The dimensions are impressive ... 

Pulsar - the first electronic watch (1970)

Ibm5100 - the first portable computer (1975)

Dycam Model I - the first commercial digital camera (1990)

NeXTcube - one of the first Web server (1990)

Regency TR1 - first transistor radio (1954)

Sony TPS-L2 - first audiokassetny Player Walkman (1979)

IBM SImon - the first smartphone (1993) 

Saehan / Eiger Labs F10/F20 - is the first portable MP3 player (1998) 

The Telcan - first VCR that could record live TV directly from your TV (1963)

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