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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hi-tech traffic management system takes off in Chennai city today

Chennai is moving ahead……
Please follow Traffic Rules and Drive Home Safely

Jumped signal, hammered the roads at breakneck speed, weaved in and out of traffic and still managed to escape the policeman's clutches? Beware , you will without fail get a ticket home-delivered with graphic details of your escape.
Chennai: An integrated traffic management system (ITMS) to monitor traffic violations better and bring to book offenders will roll out in the city on Friday with the setting up of a control room.

The system, that will include closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, will be first installed on the 12km stretch from the Poes Garden junction on Dr Radhakrishnan Salai to the Secretariat on Kamarajar Salai which has at least 12 traffic signals.

City-based Purple Infotech Limited signed an agreement with the home department on Thursday to set up ITMS. Based on their calculations, the traffic police expect the collection of fines to go up from Rs 12 crore to at least Rs 60 crore a year under the new system.

The project, to be implemented at 100 signals in the city, was initially estimated to cost Rs 150 crore before being awarded for Rs 117 crore.

A senior police officer said, With the use of ITMS, more violators can be brought to book.

When the signal turns red, the camera will shoot the violator and inform the control room.

The computers there will generate an e-challan which will be sent to the violator by post or in person. Hence no Escape.
Please follow Traffic Rules and Drive Home Safely

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  1. Everything is good... Before that ask Government to implement good Roads and then will see all this later. Government thinking other ways to gain the money from people. This is another protocol for them to gain money..... nothing useful to the people...


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