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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vision of an Illusory Images

Vision of an Illusory Images

Several things are forever extremely appealing to observe for the reason that as photo manipulations – and that's what is imperative – they provide a realistic vision of an illusory image. Erik Johansson, is a free lancer photographer while he is studying engineering but he has passionate for photo manipulations. He is from Sweden has a sense for good ideas for manipulations. He is a professional photographer and retoucher. He creates images after retouching in a quite different style or you can say that he gives a unique touch to an ordinary picture. Such as you can see in the very first image a couple in which the beautiful daring girl presents the levitation. But we all know that levitation is not real. It is just photo manipulation. When you go into the stream of this wonderful post you will find such amazing pictures.

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