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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Several Species' Mini Mes

A chip off the old block! Cats, dogs and even lions pose with their adorable mini-mes

By Helen LawsonThese adorable pictures show just how much these animals will grow one day - as they pose for a photo with their older counterparts.
The sweet snaps are an endearing glance at the life cycle of these beautiful creatures, with locations ranging from the exotic surrounds of a jungle to the more mundane comforts of home.
Some of the animals happily snuggle their smaller friends, while some looked a tad peeved to be upstaged by their cuter cousins.
Big giraffe little giraffe
This young giraffe will be as tall as Mum one day but for now will have to settle for her bowing her head for an affectionate nuzzle

Kitten in blind
Catastrophe: The shocked expressions of these cats suggests they were caught plotting their escape by climbing the blinds
Big corgi little corgi
Cor-gi blimey: this little pup has taken lessons from an older dog in learning how to strike the right pose for the camera
Big hedgehog little hedgehog
The older hedgehog didn't want to join in with the young upstart's attempt at a Mexican wave
Big lion little lion
Dad's pride: 'Look, Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom'
Big husky little husky
Big dog little dog
This pesky husky pesters its older counterpart, left, while on the right, someone hasn't told this little pup to let sleeping dogs lie
Big panda little panda
Bam-BOO! This panda cub can try all it likes but its attempt at scaring a grown-up will only be cute, not terrifying
'Ear 'ear: This African elephant calf will walk tall one day
Kitten in shopping trolley

Sleepy dogs paws touching
This cat had a successful trip to the pet shop, while these pups are dancing snout-to-snout in their sleep
Fat cat skinny cat
The mini kitty is a shadow of its larger friend's former self
Big grey cat little grey cat

Big horse mini horse
A pink nose peeks out of this mass of soft grey fur as these two enjoy a cat cuddle, while this foal on the right has a lot to look up to

Reach cat

Reach cat

Rite of passage: every kitty has to learn how to steal off the counter with the help of a willing teacher while they can play the cute card to get away with it

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