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Sunday, September 9, 2012

EPF e-Passbook - Check Employee Provident Fund Balance Online

How to register for Employee Provident Fund e-Passbook?
Here are 4 simple steps to register for the Employee Provident Fund e-passbook online and after that you can do the EPF Balance enquiry anytime you want.

Step 1 : Register yourself on the website

The first step is to go to the e-passbook members website - and click on registration link. Once you are taken to the next page .

Step 2 : Generate your PIN and login

You will be taken to next page where you need to provide details like
  • Mobile number
  • Date of Birth (make sure it matches with EPF records)
  • One of the documents mentioned in the drop-down
  • Name and Number on the document (Like PAN card and the PAN Number)
  • Email
Then you need to click on "Get PIN" button to generate a PIN which will arrive on your mobile and email. This PIN is required to for authorization every time you want to download the e-passbook and check your Employee Provident Fund Balance . At this point of time you will need to LOGIN again which will take you to the main page where you can do your EPF balance enquiry and download the e-passbook.

Step 3 : Download the EPF Passbook which has your balance

Now on this page, you need to go to option which says "Download E-passbook" and under that click on "Download E-passbook", It will ask for the state where your establishment is covered like Maharashtra , Karnataka, Delhi etc etc .. Once you click on the state, it will ask you to choose the exact EPF Office.

Step 4 : Enter your EPF details

Now you need to enter your EPF account number and name of the account holder, and click on "GET PIN" , which will generate the PIN on the fly which will come on your phone and email. You need to now enter this PIN below and you can download the PDF which has your current Employee Provident Fund Balance and other details. Make sure you do not close this page unless you get the PIN.
I followed the same steps. Yes the PIN is received in your mobile after some time, so one needs to be patient. And the page should not be closed until one receives the PIN, to access further. After receiving the PIN, log in to the application. If e-passbook is available, it should be shown immediately. Otherwise, one might have to wait. For atleast 3 days.

Now with this method Check your Employee Provident Fund Balance from time to time

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