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Friday, October 26, 2012

Amazing archaeological researches in Greece and Saudi Arabia!!!!!!!!!!

According to the archaeological researches in Greece (and Saudi Arabia) it was proven that what we knew as mythical creatures - Giants, actually walked the Earth some time in the distant past. The archaeologists excavated human skeletons that are about 5m high, some more some less, but it is way above our height today. Of course, thanks to this, lots of questions about their existence emerged, like how it was possible to bi so tall And if the stories about the Giants and the Titans are not just myths, what if the other mythical creatures were alive to? What would it say about our past? Then, there certainly must be something (or lots of things) we don't know about our past and our origins. Well, maybe one day we found centaur, minotaur, maybe even the pegasus and unicorn, dragon bones One can never know.


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