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Monday, November 26, 2012

Bright Architecture

Bright architecture

Not all of the dark color of the concrete, many rich in bright colors, with them today and get acquainted.
1 (1) (670x448, 131Kb)
Kiev. Residential Complex

2 (670x491, 159Kb)
Brunswick (Germany). Happy home Rizzo

3 (1) (670x326, 131Kb)

4 (670x475, 155Kb)
London. Central Saint Giles

5 (504x700, 213Kb)
Moscow. Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology

6 (670x359, 73Kb)
Budapest. House

7 (670x462, 136Kb)
Uster (Switzerland). Public Toilets

8 (1) (670x420, 73Kb)
Petrozavodsk. House

9 (670x446, 82Kb)
Utrecht (The Netherlands). Dormitory

10 (670x477, 79Kb)
Bratislava. Hotel Kolop

11 (670x446, 77Kb)
St. Petersburg. Residential Complex

12 (465x700, 266Kb)
Copenhagen, Denmark

13 (570x406, 125Kb)
Cinque Terre, Italy

14 (570x379, 254Kb)
Cinque Terre, Italy

15 (570x380, 204Kb)
Cape Town, South Africa

16 (570x379, 102Kb)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

17 (570x428, 149Kb)
Guanajuato, Mexico

18 (463x700, 423Kb)
Jodhpur, India

19 (570x380, 300Kb)
San Francisco, CA

20 (570x381, 301Kb)
St. John's, Canada

21 (570x432, 308Kb)
Valparaiso, Chile

22 (570x428, 220Kb)
Valparaiso, Chile

23 (570x379, 354Kb)
Wroclaw, Poland

24 (670x670, 175Kb)
Santorini, Greece

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