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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Amazing Events In Pictures
A train on a narrow-gauge railway line makes its way through a winter landscape near Wernigerode, northern Germany close-up of frozen dew drops on a blade of grass with pink flowers in the background, pictured in Worthing, Sussex.
Tourists photograph the partly frozen Hukou Waterfall in Jixian County, Shanxi Province, China
Pink Trees bloom in Nanjian Yi Autonomous County, Yunnan Province. Dali, China
A massive slice of a glacier crashes into the sea, scaring a flock of seabirds. The huge slab of ice slipped from the Chenega Glacier into the ocean at Prince William Sound, Alaska.
A Christmas tree is illuminated next to the Colosseum in Rome
Christmas Look of a house in Melksham
The Kennedy residence in Ocala, Florida, US, is lit up for Christmas, with a garden full of snowmen of all shapes and sizes.
A man photographs St Marys Cathedral in Sydney as it is illuminated by a 75-metre-high (246 feet) projected display titled "Lights of Christmas"
A giant yellow rubber duck swims down the River Thames to celebrate the launch of's new Facebook FUNdation - a bursary granting funds and rewards for daft ideas to encourage Brits to have more fun. The 50 foot high, 60 foot long giant duck set sail from London's West India Dock at Canary Wharf reaching Tower Bridge which opened to allow the huge bird to pass through at 10am.
Martin Clare from Wigan raises his arms to celebrate winning the Wigan 2012 Pielympics at Harry's Bar in Wigan. Martin claimed the title in a new world record time of 23.53 seconds.
Looking like a James Bond movie villain, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un smokes a cigarette at the General Satellite Control and Command Centre at West Sea Satellite Launch Site in Cholsan county, North Pyongan province, after the launch of the Unha-3 (Milky Way 3) rocket carrying the Kwangmyongsong-3 satellite
The Queen tours a vault stacked with £27 billion of gold reserves at the Bank of England in London

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