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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Happened To The People In Microsoft's Iconic 1978 Company Photo?


What Happened To The People In Microsoft's Iconic 1978 Company Photo?

It's one of the most iconic photos in American business.

A ragtag group of bearded weirdos assembled for a family portrait in Albuquerque.

Usually, there's a question above the photo: "Would you have invested?"

It's a trick question. You're supposed to answer no " because well, look at those people" but then you learn it's a company portrait of Microsoft from 1978.

It was taken just before the then startup left Albuquerque for Seattle. (Microsoft couldn't find anyone willing to move to New Mexico.)

Early employee Bob Greenberg, pictured in the middle, won the free portrait after calling in a radio show and guessing the name of an assassinated president. The gang reluctantly gathered together in some of their finest attire, and American business legend was made.

We all know what happened with the two guys in the bottom left and bottom right corners -- Bill Gates, and Paul Allen.

But what about the rest? The question pop up on Hacker News recently, and they decided to find out.

It's just paper - Wow!..

There is nothing simple or ordinary about his paper art. Where we would simply use a piece of paper and a pair of scissors, Calvin uses everything you could possibly think of to carve, cut and rip perfect details onto his creations. The motifs are all wildlife, and that must be one of the hardest categories of things to make with paper since there are sometimes impossible details on animals. These details are amazing, and I can't even fathom the time it must have taken to create these masterpieces of art. 

Fiercest Super Yacht in the World..

What a sleek-looking yacht! Adastra was born after five years of design and discussion between a Hong Kong couple and West Sussex-based John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs. Very experienced at voyaging the ocean, the couple wanted to create a trimaran that was designed for efficient long range cruising. The super yacht boasts a maximum speed of 22.5 knots and can cover 4000 miles at a range of 17 knots. It also provides a level of comfort and style that would be expected in a yacht of this class and size.

Every part of the boat is custom built to make it light weight. The superstructure is made of carbon fiber and the hull from Glass/Kevlar foam. The vessel has a fully automated fuel management system, including an Alfa Laval system that cleans the fuel for efficient performance.

A saloon area is located on the main deck, which offers superb panoramic views and accommodates a lounge area, dining table and navigation station. The master's cabin is located toward the stern, while two guest cabins, and accommodation for the crew are located below the deck. Adastra offers comfortable accommodation for nine guests and up to six crew members.

Airconditioned Bike.......

The storage vs bandwidth debate

The storage vs bandwidth debate

Cloud computing, if anything, depends on the idea that we will have ample and cheap bandwidth that will allow us to access various types of information and services on any kind of device, anywhere. The rapid growth of cloud as outlined by Amazon CTO Werner Vogels at our Structure 2011 conference only underscores the need for more bandwidth.

This need only goes up as we start living in an on-demand world, streaming instead of storing information locally. Folks at online storage-as-a-service provider Backblaze decided to compare the decline in bandwidth prices and the local storage costs and found out that local drives are still more efficient. (I am assuming that they are looking exclusively at data from the US, because things might be different in some other parts of the world where they sell really cheap super-broadband.) While that is true on pure cost basis, but as I have argued before, the value for hardware lies in services because they increase engagement with the hardware.

So perhaps if we are going to debate about bandwidth and storage, maybe we should also factor the falling prices of in-house bandwidth — because in the end, those 2 terabyte drives are not of much use unless they are on the network and streaming some music or serving up some documents.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Volcano Lightning

Volcano lightning is a very rare and mysterious phenomenon. It's still unclear what creates a volcano lightning but it looks very beautiful.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fingers In Interesting Positions..

Psychedelic Colors Of Galaxies At Night

Psychedelic wonder of galaxies at night: Incredible images taken by amateur astronomer using a camera and home-made telescope

These spectacular images of galaxies thousands of light years away would appear to have been taken using state-of-the-art equipment.
In fact, they were captured by amateur astronomer Georgiy Suturin using just a camera and a home-made telescope.

The extraordinary photos include the twinkling beauty of the Orion Nebula, and the Rosette Nebula - an object so massive it would take 130 years travelling at the speed of light to go from one side to the other.
Cosmic beauty: Amateur astronomer Georgiy Suturin took this stunning image of an open cluster - first discovered by Caroline Herschel in 1787 - using just a camera and a home-made telescope
Cosmic beauty: Amateur astronomer Georgiy Suturin took this stunning image of an open cluster - first discovered by Caroline Herschel in 1787 - using just a camera and a home-made telescope

Butter Sculptures

Shocking Superhands Cheff

Don't try this at home! 'Superhands' chef takes cooking to the extreme by dipping his bare hands into BOILING fat  Dipping his hands into hot boiling fat, this chef takes his cooking to extremes. Kann 'Superhands' Trichan can bury his hands in boiling fat and sieve fried chicken with his own fingers. Amazingly the 50-year-old - a world record holder - walks away with no blisters at all. Mr Trichan, from Chiang Mai, in Thailand, said: 'When I put my hands into the oil it feels hot but it doesn't burn or blister my skin. I can fry rice, chicken, and many things with just my bare hands.

Mr Trichan discovered his unique talent seven years ago when he was accidentally splashed with hot oil but suffered no injury. The father of two was working on his fried chicken stall when he saw a squirrel balancing on a tree eating a mango. The mango fell and splashed into a huge wok of hot fat right next to him. He said: 'The fat flew everywhere, all over my head, arms, hands. It should have seriously hurt me. 'I remember looking in the mirror, expecting to see blisters and red blotches, but there was nothing,' he added. 'The redness had disappeared. There was nothing.' To the astonishment of his fellow market stall holders, he went back to work the next day. 'They couldn't believe I was back at work so soon,' he laughed. 'And then everyone wanted to see this man who had survived a hot oil shower.' Mr Trichan started experimenting and began  picking out pieces of fried chicken from a pan of hot fat with his hands.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Surreal Paintings With Dual Perspectives

Surreal Paintings Offer Dual PerspecTaking surrealistic cues from Dali and Magritte, painter Mihai Criste expands on the unusually expressive art form in his illusionary images. The Romania-based artist boasts a vast portfolio of imaginative works that tackle the cunning abilities of visual elements. Each image offers dual perspectives. It's a matter of what the spectator sees first and their ability to reevaluate what's in front of them, in order to see the optically crafty details. This viewing practice, for me, is then followed by admiration for the artist's ability to see something more.

In addition to the optical illusions, there is a quirky presence in many of Criste's paintings. Many of his works feature animals blending in with their environment, making it difficult to distinguish one from the other. The artist has really mastered the art of illusion, especially when incorporating birds and butterflies.tives


Spectacular and Beautiful Examples of Butterfly Photography 

Indian Paintings On Velvet

Two Peacocks

Ragini Playing Veena

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The old Russian Aircraft Carrier converted into a Hotel

The year 2011 had belonged to the Chinese in multiple ways. Apart from making progress in their economy, they made their mark in the luxury lifestyle in many ways, and they seem to have started of 2012 on a similar note. Their latest revelation is the Russian Kiev class aircraft carrier hotel, which will be the first of its kind anywhere in the world. A gigantic ship, which was originally created for carrying fighter jets, has now been converted into a full-scale luxury hotel, with modern amenities, oriental themed décor, and plenty of luxury accommodation for its upcoming lot of guests. 

A Second Before

 Excellent capture a moment or a second before falling.
Unpleasant experience, what to do.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life is...unpredictable!

Eva Ekvall, the former Miss Venezuela who finished third in the Miss Universe pageant in 2001,has died of breast cancer aged 28.  

Aged 17, Ekvall was crowned Miss Venezuela of 2000, and the next year was third runner-up in the Miss Universe Pageant.Her name was also listed as one of the most beautiful & most sexiest women in earth.As a Buddhist,she was the first non-Christian to have won the title of Miss Venezuela.

Save Trees - Save Earth!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Seamlessly Blending Into Backgrounds

Lima, Peru-born artist Cecilia Paredes, works with her assistants, she creates photo performance based works that have her seamlessly blended into backgrounds. Acting as both the photographer and the subject, she uses make-up, body paint and any costume she needs to make her virtually disappear.
"The illusion of 'disappearing' into the landscape that surrounds her, is in reality a blending, she is now 'part of the landscape' in her quest of belonging," Paredes explains to us. "The theme behind all is re-location after displacement and migration and how one has to adjust in order to belong. Tough it is, but it has to be done, without forgetting our origin."
The intricate backgrounds add an interesting and complicated dynamic to these pieces. While in some cases the photographer is turned away from the camera, her carefully chosen pose adding drama to the piece, in still others we can see the whites of her eyes, giving us that haunting feeling of discovering something we shouldn't.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


If you eat less food, your stomach will shrink

Dieters are often advised to decrease their intake of food in order to shrink the 
size of their stomach. However, while smaller portions will obviously help with 
weight-loss, the size of your stomach has nothing to do with the process. On 
average, the organ will maintain a constant volume throughout life, regardless of 
the amount of food that passes through it.

12 Artistic Things With Fruits...

12 Artistic Things We Can Make From Fruits!!!

A painter makes pictures with paint, a sculptor makes statues with clay and a performance artist makes a fool of themselves. But what do you call an artist whose medium is fruit? From the radical to the ridiculous below you will find 12 excellent examples of this flourishing art form.

12. Parrot

12 Artistic Things We Can Make From Fruits

Who's a pretty boy then? For the pirate on-the-go here's the perfect combination of companion and snack.

Can You Eat These Carrots

Face it, you just couldn't eat the cutest carrot... even if it does look like an alien

By Lee Moran
She's been dubbed The Baby Whisperer for helping hordes of women realise their dreams of starting a family against medical odds.
Now it seems acupuncturist Yvonne Darnell, 46, has used her special skills to give life to one of her own carrots - which bears an uncanny resemblance to an angel-faced alien.
The 'Sussex Stork' dug up the unusual legume from her Burgess Hill garden.
Alien roots: The Baby Whisperer Yvonne Darnell has grown her very own inter-galactic carrot
Alien roots: Acupuncturist Yvonne Darnell, dubbed The Baby Whisperer for the number of women she has helped to conceive, has grown a carrot with a distinctly intergalactic appearance

Onion Festival Fun

A New Look @ The Wall.....

Friday, January 20, 2012

Delicious flags !!!!!!!

The way they have matched the cuisine of the country with its flag. Very inventive !


Thursday, January 19, 2012

The World's Smallest Camera

The World's Smallest Camera

10 Most Famous Falling Towers

01. Church Suurhusen, Germany

 Suurhusen late medieval building in the region of East Friesland in the north-west of Germany. According to the Guinness Book of Records, it was the most inclined tower in the world, although in 2010 new Capital Gate tower in Abu Dhabi broke this record. Suurhusen spire remains the most leaning tower in the world, the slope of which was ahead of world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa by 1.22 degrees.

Creative Invention

New Invention  — This arrangement can be done literally in 10 minutes. Finnish nano-technology, which allows you to quickly and easily prepare a meal without a campfire, and other amenities. It is advised to choose a dry timber ... 

10 Most Haunted Places in India

Haunting in India
India is a large country and in every city, big or small, you'll find various legends and folklore about paranormal activity. The places listed on this page are the 10 most haunted places in India.

The claims and stories of ghostly apparitions have been verified by various paranormal experts, on-or-off-the-record.

If you're aware of any place in India though personal experience, which is known for its paranormal activity, please do bring it to our notice.

Forts of Bhangarh, Rajasthan

10 Most Haunted Places Of India

People say that nobody returned from there who stayed there after dark.

Indian Government Warning Signboard

Wednesday, January 18, 2012



The Shortest Street in the World
Ebenezer Place, Scotland

Place, in Wick, Caithness, Scotland, is credited by
the Guinness Book of Records as being the world's
shortest street at 2.06 m (6 ft 9 in). In 2006 it
surpassed the previous record (5.2 m, 17 ft) set by
Elgin Street, Bacup, Lancashire.
The street has only one address: the front door of
No. 1 Bistro, which is part of Mackays Hotel.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dentist Tools – From the Beginning

Dentist Tools – From the Beginning

These are some tools used starting from 7000 B.C. to recent times. I think, these my be the reason of people's fears of dentists. I must confess, it's not all the same to me when I see these tools. Luckily for us in modern world, this is all overcame, so now we have simpler and almost painless dentist's instruments and no reason to be afraid of the ones.

Top 10 Celeb Facts You Didn't Know

Salman Khan likes to collect – soaps! His bathroom has an impressive array of handmade and herbal soaps and his favourites are the ones made with natural fruit and vegetable extracts.

The New Double-Decker Hybrid

Double-Decker Hybrid hits the streets of London 
The double-decker buses are a national icon of England .
Recently hitting the streets, is the new hybrid double-decker . This is the work of designer Thomas Heatherwick in collaboration with specialist bus manufacturer Wrightbus.
The newly revamped bus combines a modern form with some inspiration from the 1950's era Routemasters.
In fact, this is the first time in over 50 years that the Transport for London has commissioned a new bus built specially for the city.

Gardens of Eden: The heavenly horticulture blossoming on roofs high above the city

Gardens of Eden: The heavenly horticulture blossoming on roofs high above the city

By Emma Reynolds

High above the dreary grey streets of the world's cities, gorgeous gardens blossom in a wilderness of rooftops.
These unexpectedly colourful spots provide an oasis of calm away from the bustle of urban streets across the U.S., Europe and as far away as Japan.
The elevated scenery ranges from a wildflower meadow on top of a house in London to a neat lawn tended on top of a New York office block.
Manhattan marvel: The first green roof the photographers visited, on top of Cook and Fox architects in New York
Manhattan marvel: The first green roof the photographers visited, on top of Cook and Fox architects in New York

Amazing moment a passer-by in Indian city was scalped by a ferocious jungle leopard... and lived to tell the tale

Amazing moment a passer-by in Indian city was scalped by a ferocious jungle leopard... and lived to tell the tale
Leopard attacks four people in residential area 

A fully grown leopard attacked and injured four people after it strayed into a residential area in the north-east Indian city of Guwahati today. 
The locals were seriously wounded by the leopard after it ran into a house on the busy Nabagraha Road in a central residential neighbourhood of Silphukhuri.
An auto rickshaw driver managed to cage the panicked leopard inside the house, which was kept locked until forest department officials arrived and sedated the animal.

Moment of attack: the leopard that has strayed into a home in the Indian city of Guwahati takes a swipe at a man trying to capture it
Panic: the leopard strays into a home and take s a swipe at a man trying to capture it

Monday, January 16, 2012

6 Million Matches and 16 Years of Life

Think you have the time, dedication and patience to create an artwork like this? First, try and comprehend these numbers. 6 million matches. 16 years of life. Bulgarian artist Plamen Ignatov used that many matches and spent that much time to create this impressive miniature model of the Rila Monastery. Made of wood, matches and gems, it's now on display at the Museum of Archaeological in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The Rila Monastery is the largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria. It is regarded as one of Bulgaria's most important cultural, historical and architectural monuments and is a key tourist attraction for both Bulgaria and Southern Europe. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Puma Animal..

Puma Animal Description:

Puma or mountain lion is a carnivorous mammal, with body lengths exceeding one meter,
lives in isolation. It is extremely fierce and clever (hunts at night and sleeps on trees), spread
to South America, Mexico and the U.S. Puma does not attack man, they even avoid it. Puma
live mostly in the mountains. They can kill animals larger than themselves, such as deer.

Often seeks prey on long distances. It is a nocturnal animal. In many countries of the
Americas, the puma is a symbol of power. One of the most popular football teams in the
Mexican league, UNAM, is known as Argentian Pumas Team.

Saturday, January 14, 2012



A baby dolphin is lowered into a swimming pool just hours after being rescued. The mammal was discovered by walkers on a beach near the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo. It was suffering from injuries believed to have been caused by a fishing net.There was no sign of its mother. The dolphin is only about ten days old.Richard Tesore, head of the NGO Rescate Fauna Marina, has been caring for tiny animal in Piriapolis, 62 miles east of the capital, Montevideo.And while his cute charge is a hit with visitors, it seems they must queue behind a penguin if they want to see him. The Magellan penguin is also being looked after at the centre and has taken an interest in the new patient. The natural survival rate for dolphins within their first year of life in the wild is 20 per cent. The death toll of captive born dolphins is much higher. According to the US Marine Mammal Inventory Report did between 1960 and 1993 more than 50 per cent of the dolphins born in captivity within the first four months of life.

Kindergarten Centered Around a Legendary Tree..

At the Fuji Kindergarten in Japan, Tezuka Architects created a unique environment that, as a tool for learning, promotes freedom of movement. "Ring Around a Tree" is the extension of an existing kindergarten that consists of a wood and transparent glass volume spiraling upward, enveloping a Japanese Zelkova tree. The project creates spaces for play and foreign language instruction, while also providing a fun area for the children to wait for the school bus.

Though, to the average adult, the space appears to have just two floors, for the children it has six with some areas being just three feet (one meter) high. Elements like railings and handrails are very slender, while the interior floors are made of wood. All outdoor areas are covered with soft rubber mats to help cushion the children's inevitable falls.

Planted more than 50 years ago, the Zelkova tree has quite the storied past. It was hit by a typhoon and almost uprooted. The tree dried out completely but recovered despite general disbelief. Older residents of the area remember this Zelkova because it was the only tree to be used by children for climbing and games even before a kindergarten ever existed.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Pictures enlarged 22 million times

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