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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hollywood Then And Now

Hollywood then and now: How a 1900's rural idyll was carpeted in concrete to build the highways and intersections of Tinseltown as the movie industry exploded 

Black and white photos compiled by the Los Angeles Public Library and California Historical Society show the amazing transformation of the town from the 1900s to become the booming cinema city of today. 
The town was actually developed by H.J. Whitley, who is know fondly remembered as the Father of Hollywood. 
He was a land developer, who made his mark developing the infrastructure in Oklahoma in the 1870s.
Mr Whitley moved to Southern California and purchased E.C. Hurd ranch, a 500 acre plot of land, in the 1880s. He began developing the area and in 1902 founded Hollywood Hotel. 
Hollywood was incorporated as a municipality in 1903. It became a popular destination for the motion picture industry by 1915. 
The name Hollywood was coined by Whitley and his wife, who thought of the name while the couple were on their honeymoon.
Franklin-Bronson 1904
Quaint: A horse and buggy was the most efficient form of transportation to get across the Franklin Avenue Bridge near Bronson Ave
Modern times
Modern times: Franklin Avenue is now filled with cars and lined with strip malls
hollywood high

Hollywood High School
Untouched: This barren plot of land would become the location for Hollywood High School 
hollywood highland-
Nature: In 1906, the Hollywood Highland area was sparsely populated with a full view of the hills
Commercial: Now a huge shopping center stands on corner of Hollywood Blvd. and North Highland Avenue
Hollywood seen from Whitley Heights
Rural: The view of Hollywood from Whitley Heights, now an exclusive residential area, in 1905
Whitley Heights
Neighborhood: Whitley Heights is now a historic area filled with luxury homes. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982
Melrose and Normandie
Serene: With just a few trees, the future site of Melrose and Normandie (pictured in 1906) was calm and provided stunning views of the horizon
Melrose and Normandie-
Bustling: The corner of Melrose and Normandie is now a well populated intersection, with the hills barely visible in the backround
Wine country
Wine country: In 1909, a vineyard sate on the site that would become Franklin and Western Avenues
Changed: A much different view of Franklin and Western today
Town center:
Town center: A general store sat at Cahuenga and Sunset in 1903
Bustling: Now a record store sits at Cahuenga Road and Sunset

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