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Monday, March 11, 2013

Chimpanzee Of 1955

Black and white photos of Kokomo Jr., the chimpanzee lounging around his New York City bachelor pad

Adorable black and white photos show Kokomo Jr, a talking chimpanzee, going about his business at his New York City pad in 1955. 
His owner, Nick Corrado, lived in Manhattan which made it easy for Kokomo to get to his local gigs performing on a number of shows like Today, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and To Tell the Truth.
Mr Corrado worked diligently with Kokomo to teach the monkey how to talk and live like a New Yorker in the concrete jungle.
Reading: Young chimpanzee Kokomo Jnr sits in a chair wearing glasses and holding a comic book at his owner's apartment in New York City
Thirsty: Kokomo Jr quenches his thirst with a glass of orange juice, straight from the fridge
Yum: The young chimpanzee eating cherries with a spoon
Photos of Kokomo at home show the chimp dressed in a three piece suit and even donning glasses and dress shoes.

He is seen lounging in a chair and reading the newspaper, getting a glass of orange juice from the refrigerator and even saying his goodnight prayers before bed.
Kokomo retired from show business in 1982, when Mr Corrado moved with his wife to the quiet community of Matthew, NC.
Kokomo took the trek down south with his faithful friend and spent his retirement painting, eating spaghetti and simply enjoying the good life.
Let us pray
Let us pray: The chimp says his prayers before bed with his owner Nick Corrado
Let's get loud:
Let's get loud: Kokomo the chimpanzee tries out his drumkit
Water fountain: Kokomo playing with a hose pipe outside his owner's apartment in New York City

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