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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

International Garden Photographers Of The Year
Dennis Frates has won the International Garden Photographer of the Year 2013 competition for this image of Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. The judges said: "The light on the rock is what creates the magic. The photographer has waited for exactly the right moment, on the right day and he has made a huge effort to be in the right place. The 'wildflower landscapes' category is all about plants in their natural enivronment, and this image is a fantastic example of the sheer tenacity and adaptability of plant life."
Dennis Frates: Penstemon Sunrise. Overall winner and 1st Place, Wildflower Landscapes.
Andrew George: Mystic Morning. 2nd Place, Wildflower Landscapes.
Damian Debski: Wiltshire Wildflower Meadow. 3rd Place, Wildflower Landscapes.
Liam Marsh: Searching for snails. 1st Place, Wildlife in the Garden.
Derek Galon: Humming Above My Head. 2nd Place, Wildlife in the Garden.
Alan Price: The Great Escape. 3rd Place, Wildlife in the Garden.
Debbie Hartley: Dogwood Cover. 1st Place, The Beauty of Plants.
Nic Barlow: Sunrise at Ballue. 1st Place, Beautiful Gardens.
Ewa Gryguc: Spring. 2nd Place, Beautiful Gardens.
Rob Hunt: Kite Flying on Clifton Downs. 1st Place, Breathing Spaces (sponsored by the National Trust).
Elizabeth Debenham: Aldbury Nowers. 2nd Place, Breathing Spaces (sponsored by the National Trust).
Danny Beath: A Walk along the River. 3rd Place, Breathing Spaces (sponsored by the National Trust).
David Cobb: Cherry Hill. 2nd Place, Trees, Woods & Forests.
Alan Price: Plenty for Everyone. 3rd Place, Bountiful Earth
Sam Hall: Grass Snakes. 2nd Place, Young Garden Photographer of the Year.
Megan Littmoden: Tree Symmetry. Finalist, Young Garden Photographer of the Year.
Gary Rogers: Spring in the Box garden. 1st Place, European Garden Photography Award.
Josette Taylor: Tulip Dance. 2nd Place , European Garden Photography Award.
John Roger Palmour: Heirloom Tomatoes, New York Botanical Garden. 1st Place, Nature's Pharmacy.
Paul Harcourt Davies: A Hidden World. 1st Place, Portfolios.
Diane Varner: Submerged In Memories. 2nd Place, Portfolios.

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