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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

150th anniversary of the London Underground

150th anniversary of the London Underground

January 10, 1863 officially launched the first line of the London Underground, a length of 3 kilometers 600 meters.
1. Britain's finance minister ... William Gladstone Evot, directors and engineers Metropolitan Railway Company undertake an inspection tour of the world's first tunnel underground line, May 24, 1862

2. Lithography steam locomotive on the line, not far from Paddington Station, 1863
3. In 1900, opened Central London Railway, which eventually became the center line of the London Underground. In the photo - train for underground use. His characteristic difference - it reversible, ie it can be conducted in both directions
4. Workers destroy the main wall in the way of the Central underground line, 1912
5. Underground train carriage carrying the streets of London, 1926
6. Advertising underground; 20th
7. Expanding line workers in Piccadilly Square, 1930
8. In the dining room of builders London Underground, 1935
9. Research conducted on the 4 million tickets, to take away from the London Underground. Research is being conducted to identify the most popular routes, to develop a concept of the subway, March 8, 1939
10. The evacuation of the London Underground, 1939
11. The population waits until the night air raid on the station "Piccadilly Square", 1940
12. During the air raid commander of civil defense checks children sleeping in the hammock strung between the rails, 1940
13. Concert NGO members ENSA Aldwych station during an air raid, 1940
14. German air raid prevents learning for children; 1940
15. Residents of the city are hiding in the subway, 1940
16. Soldiers help dismantle Zavalin Station Bank, was destroyed during an air raid of the 12th January 1941
17. This is no ordinary escalator as you think, this is the entrance to an underground aircraft factory, located in one of the subway stations, 1943

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