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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Giant Heart on Earth

Mulvey Lake in Canada

Amazing Heart of Nature

Heart-shaped pond near Halmstad City airport in Sweden

Island in Prince William in Alaska

Field in South Gloucestershire (UK), established farmer Winston Hovesom in honor of his late wife.

Sertsevidnoe lake Saxifrage Peak, Canada

Mountain Lake in Kosovo

Lake in Braunschweig, Germany

Iceberg in the form of heart

Creative planning of a residential area in San Bruno, CA

Reef on the coast of Queensland, Australia

Hawthorn Plantation in Wiltshire, England

Heart Lake in Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

Forest around Kansas City, USA

The Island on Lake Gutierrez, Patagonia, Argentina

Rock formations at the bottom in Abel Tasman, New Zealand

Natural formation of a mangrove forest in New Caledonia

Frozen mountain lake in the Austrian Alps

Lake Salina in Brazil

Zhuo Yong Cuo lake in Tibet

Gaislacher See, Austria

Tavarua Island Resort, Fiji

Central Asia from space

Pond in the Columbia Hills Corners, Ohio, USA

Forest island on the river Orinoco, Venezuela

Private island in Noosa River in Queensland, Australia

Carolina Bay site on a digital map of the relief

Island near Bali, Indonesia

Lake on the way to the peak of Chembra, Kerala, India

Minnehaha Falls. Minneapolis, MN, USA

Glodosy cloud over the village in the Ukraine

Galesnjak island in Croatia

Pond on nudist recreation center in Lake Village, Indiana

Lake on the island of Hokkaido, Japan

Walchensee, Germany

Three Creeks Lake, Oregon

Bloody Lake in Cachoerao, Brazil

Rathlin Island, Ireland

The original pool in the vicinity of Brussels

Finally, a bit of space. Heart and Soul Nebula


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