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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Driving on Two Wheels - The Riders of City Hail

Throughout the world, young people are different propensity for extreme driving, but young drivers in Saudi Arabia in this respect is very difficult to beat. A few years ago it was fashion to upload videos on YouTube, where the boys on skateboards drove through the streets, clinging to passing cars, but this is a dangerous game quickly pall. Now there is a new feature - the driver keep the car balanced on two wheels, while friends get up to all sorts of manipulation - climb to the roof or even change on the fly wheels hanging in the air. Other members of the dangerous maneuvers are trying to get their kicks by lying on the asphalt in the middle of the road and allowing the car to zip past in a few inches.

Ya Young daredevils in Saudi make hearts leap with their latest craze, dubbed 'sidewall skiing', which involves a driver manouevring the vehicle onto its side.

Saudi youths demonstrate a stunt known as "sidewall skiing" (driving on two wheels) in the northern city of Hail, in Saudi Arabia March 30, 2013. Performing stunts such as sidewall skiing and drifts is a popular hobby amongst Saudi youths. (Photo by Mohamed Al Hwaity/Reuters) Via

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