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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Animals in News
A snail enjoys a long game of leapfrog as it takes eight minutes to calmly climb over a frog before reaching its destination. Photographer Lessy Sebastian, from Jakarta, Indonesia, captured this rare moment in his front garden.
A horse is hosed down after racing at Newmarket racecourse
Uggie the dog skateboarding at Abercrombie Fitch's Stars on the Rise event
The newest resident of the Memphis Zoo, Binti, explores the hippopotamus enclosure. The 15-year-old, 3,300 pound hippo arrived from Disney's Animal Kingdom
A newly born baby dolphin swims with her mother in an aquarium in Harderwijk, Netherlands
Display Supervisor Lucy Buckley measures a baby hermit crab at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium, as the south bank attraction kick off its annual health check of all 6,000 creatures
A zoo-keeper holds a clouded leopard cub at the Berlin Tierpark
Two young Snowy Owls sit next to each other at Hannover Zoo in Germany
Conservationist Julie Andersen swims with a nine-foot oceanic whitetip in the crystal-clear waters off Cat Island in the Bahamas
Goldfish swim in a fish tank during the press preview of the 'Art Aquarium 2013' exhibition at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo, Japan
Nine-day-old lioness cubs are held by zoo keepers at Himeji Central Park, Japan. The seven white lioness cubs, given birth by three female South African Lions were born on June 6th, 26th and 30th. The cubs will be on public display for the first time later this week.
A polar bear in Berlin takes refuge from the sun. Temperatures in the German capital are forecast to reach up to 28 degrees Celsius this week
A dolphin approaches a pregnant woman in the waters of Ixtapa, Mexico
Pez the bearded dragon following surgery to have his back leg and three front toes amputated. He is being treated at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in North Melbourne, Australia

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  1. I like all animals and know we must protect all of them. But i love to see the sea beings like sharks, dolphins and other fish like green seafish.


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