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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blooming beautiful

This is the blooming marvellous sight of a house completely covered in a rainbow of summer flowers - and it's been a labour of love for 26 years.
Anne and Robin Strange, who devote every spare hour to their luscious house-garden, say they are still adding to the display almost three decades after they began.
The pair spend hundreds of pounds every year on seeds and plants, nurturing them inside a greenhouse before putting them on display in mid-June.
Colourful: Anne Strange amongst the thousands of rainbow coloured blooms almost covering her house in North Yorkshire
Mrs Strange, 65, said: 'We were in York one day looking at all the beautiful hanging baskets and we were inspired to create our own.

'We have been planting more and more flowers ever since.'
The couple, of Coniston Cold, North Yorkshire, have had an amazing response from motorists who drive past their multicoloured home.
Inspired: Motorists adore looking at the couple's home and one woman even sends a gift voucher every Christmas to express her appreciation of the spectacle

Bright and beautiful: Even back in 1988, the Strange's house looked stunning but over the years it's become even more beautiful
One woman even sends them a gift voucher every Christmas to express her appreciation of the spectacle.
Mrs Strange added: 'People think its great, we get cards from people we have never even met.'
Mr Strange, 65, who works for Tree Tops Forestry, spends every weekend and evening seeing to the garden.
Dedication: Mr and Mrs Strange spend hundreds of pounds every year planting seeds and nurturing the blooms inside a greenhouse
Mrs Strange said: 'I dread to think how much money goes on the garden, but it definitely all adds up.
'It is worth it though, we are both very pleased with what we have created.'
An irrigation system means the couple do not have to worry about the mammoth task of watering the flowers as it is done automatically.

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