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Saturday, August 10, 2013


Buddhist cave complex of  Maytszishan is 

little known and now immerging in light of the world. 
It is located in Gansu Province in 
northwest China.

The most wondrous religious caves complex of amazing
architectural sculptures and murals carved out of mountain of rock.
The Maytszishan has about seven thousand Buddhist sculptures
and more than one thousand square meters of Murals.

Many of the Buddhist monks resided in these caves, 
work and devoted their time and life for the spiritual
welfare  of their souls devoted to Buddhism. 
Two monks Tanhonga and Huanggang whose records are found,
who carried a vast group of disciples learning, teaching,  practicing
and meditating for soul purity with them. Stairs were built to climb
up, come down, go across, and enter the caves from various
openings and entrances.

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