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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Amazing Paintings Using Coal And Graphite By The Artist Longo Roberts

Amazing Paintings Using Coal And Graphite By The Artist Longo Roberts

We saw a lot of incredible paintings by artists excelled by their methods and distinctive style. What you will see today are some of the fantastic paintings which are not created and painted using photoshop. I'm sure that you will say from the first glance that the paintings are painted using Photoshop , this famous word which every one say it when see a creative work, but they are not they are really hand-work.

Our artist today is the American artist and sculptor Robert Longo and who decided to paint his paintings in black and white, ie, (the hard way). Instead of clicking the mouse, he preferred to use coal, graphite and paper to draw these surprising and incredibly real paintings.

Robert was born in the city of Brooklyn in New York, he was fascinated as a child of many things, including: film, television, and magazines, and comic books, which continue to affect his art. But drawing was always his favorite to express what he wants. Robert studied sculpture under the auspices of Ionda Fincke, who encouraged him to move in the field of visual arts. 

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