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Monday, April 7, 2014

6 Gorgeous Train Stations From Around The World

Train Stations Gare De Liege
Source: Wikipedia

Gorgeous Train Stations: Gare De Liege-Guillemins, Belgium

Train Stations Gare De Liege Lines
Designed by Santiago Calatrave, this stunning train station made its debut in 2009 and boasts soaring arches made of steel, glass and white concrete which extend 105 feet in the air.
Train Stations Gare De   Liege Front View
Source: Kazeo

Gorgeous Train Stations: Sao Bento, Portugal

Sao Bento
Source: Wikipedia
With walls covered in 20,000 splendid azulejo tin-glazed ceramic tiles and a main hall consisting of a mansard roof and stone façade, Porto's main platform is a picturesque place to wait for your daily commute. The blue tiles are particularly impressive, depicting the history of transportation, historic battles and 14th century royalty. It took artist Jorge Colaço 11 years to complete.
Train Stations Sao Bentao Tile Interior
Source: Panoramio
Train Stations Sao Bentao Wall Art
Source: Wikimedia

Gorgeous Train Stations: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, India

Shivaji Terminus
Source: Wikimedia
Located in Mumbai, the formerly titled Victoria Terminus is now a UNESCO World Heritage site for its splendid architecture. Designed by Frederick William Stevens, the station was opened in 1887 in honor of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. The stunning station seamlessly blends inspiration from the Indian Mughal style of architecture and the Victorian era of Gothic Revival. It was also made further famous by the "Jai Ho" dance at the end of Slumdog Millionaire.
Train Stations Shivaji Terminus Green Red
Source: ULG

Gare de Lyon, Paris

Gare De Lyon
Though Gare du Nord might be the more famous Parisian train station, Gare de Lyon is definitely more revered for its luxurious splendors. Built for the 1900 Paris World Expo, Gare de Lyon is a complex, coherent and striking building. In particular, the restaurant Belle Époque, situated inside the station, attracts hordes of revelers who enjoy the stunning cityscape artwork, glittering chandeliers and a sweeping view of the station below. The restaurant even boasts a long list of famous clientele from Brigitte Bardot and Coco Chanel to Salvador Dalí.
Train Stations Dining Hal Gare De Lyon
Source: Blogspot
Train Stations Lyon Light
Source: Lyon News

Elektrozavodskaya Station Komsomolskaya, Russia

Source: Flickr
Located in Moscow, these two stations are world renowned for their bright and bold interiors. Elektrozavodskaya (named after a light bulb company) features designs from prominent Russians including Vladimir Schuko, Vladimir Gelfreich and Igor Rozhin. Komsomolskaya, too, features some fancy handiwork, designed with red granite, marble and featuring stunning mosaics.
Source: Blogspot

Antwerp Central Station, Belgium

Central Station Belgium
Source: CN Traveler
Located in Antwerp and voted as the fourth greatest train station in 2009 by Newsweek, Central Station is considered one of Belgium's finest examples of architecture, combining the artistic sensibilities of various prominent architects including Louis Delancenserie, Clement van Bogaert and Jan Van Asperen. The station was constructed between 1895 and 1905 and consists of vast domes, iron and glass train shed and a viaduct.
Train Stations Central Station
Source: Flavorwire
Train Stations Belgium Stairs
Source: Blogspot

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