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Monday, April 7, 2014



Blue Ridge- USA
If you are looking for a roadway whose every inch will be just fine on a picture postcard the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina is the place to go. The 496 mile road has been specially crafted for drivers to go on a magical trip with scenic panorama all around. Nature is at its very best around Blue Ridge.

Stelvio Pass to Amalfi Coast, Italy
Amalfi seems to be getting pretty popular these days as it is creeping up into most of our lists or maybe we just have a special fascination towards Italy! Riding on the beautiful coast of Amalfi is in contrast to places like Guoliang Tunnel as this experience is more romantic than scary. The beautiful Italian coast dotted with villages and the drive right next to waves makes this a captivating one.

Red Rock Scenic Road- USA
This route passes through the Coconino National Forest Red Rock Country and the Montezuma Castle National Monument. The beautiful road is known for providing the best view of nature's beauty around Arizona.
Lombard Street is an east–west street in San Francisco, California. It is famous for having a steep, one-block section that consists of eight tight hairpin turns.      The street was named after Lombard Street in Philadelphia by San Francisco surveyorJasper O'Farrell.

Seward Highway- Alaska
While Alaska is technically USA we do not want our riders to be searching for Seward Highway in US mainland so the special mention of the region in the title (and not our bias towards Sarah Palin!) The Seward Highway extends 127 miles (204 km) from Seward to Anchorage and offers you the best view of this unique land and its special topography.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

Breathe in the crisp salty air and witness nature at its best as you drive along the rugged southeastern coast of Australia. The Great Ocean Road runs from Torquay to Warrnambool in the state of Victoria and offers dramatic, breathtaking coastal views. Along the route, there are museums, restaurants and beaches, as well as whale lookouts and surf spots. The road also passes by Apollo Bay, Shipwreck Coast, the Great Otway National Park and the Twelve Apostles--a collection of limestone stacks right on the shoreline.                                

Col de Turini, France                                                                                                                                                        If tight turns and heights make you sick, you might want to skip this road. Col de Turini coils through the Alpes-Maritimes in the south of France and reaches an elevation of 5,200 feet. The dizzying road, which ends in Sospel, is built on retaining walls and is often used for the popular Monte Carlo Rally car race. It has also made appearances in another popular road race, the Tour de France.

Ruta 40, Argentina
Ruta 40 is a classic road in western Argentina, stretching all the way from Puna to Cabo Virgins. It's an incredible 3,045 miles long, and not surprisingly, is the longest road in Argentina. Running parallel to the Andes, Ruta 40 reaches almost 16,000 above sea level and crosses 236 bridges, 18 major rivers, 13 great lakes and 20 reservations and national parks. Throughout the journey, drivers may cross over some unpaved roads and through some extremely remote areas.        

The Atlantic Roadway, Norway

Deemed a National Tourist Route, the striking Atlantic Roadway is a must-see. The five-mile route is a part of Norwegian National Road 64 and leapfrogs from island to island, connecting the towns of Kristiansund and Molde in midwestern Norway. The road first opened in 1989 and now features four view and rest areas to accommodate the large amounts of tourists that come to view the picturesque route.
The Jiaozhou Bay bridge is 26.4 miles long and links China's eastern port city of Qingdao to the offshore island Huangdao.                                      The road bridge, which is 110ft wide and is the longest of its kind, cost nearly £1billion to build. This is the longest sea bridge                                                in the world - What a drive it would be on this highway bridge

Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, United Arab Emirates

Extending to just over seven miles long and snaking to the top of UAE's second highest peak, the Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road gives visitors panoramic views of the town, Al Ain, below. The road carves a path through a mountain of limestone and ends at the mountain's peak, where visitors can access a hotel as well as a restaurant.  

Milford Road, New Zealand

Winding through Fiordland National Park, the heart of the Southern Alps, visitors will find this stunning 144 mile-long road. The road is part of State Highway 94 and connects the town, Te Anau with Milford Sound- a place some will recognize as one of the filming locations for the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Along the scenic Milford Road, travelers will get to see lush rainforests, crystal clear lakes and waterfalls as well as the Fiordland National Park.
Iceland's Highway Road

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