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Friday, November 7, 2014

The Colorful Past - BMW Museum

Looking for a car BMW's hard not to express admiration. Interesting design and impeccable quality has always been and will be hallmark of the famous German automaker. As time goes by, people's tastes are changing and, therefore, inevitable and change the car's design. At the expiration of a few decades already be hard to remember how he looked like a car. To avoid this situation, in 1972 the company Bayerische Motoren Werke was decided for the establishment of the museum BMW.

Now, visiting Munich – the capital of Bavaria, tourists rush to not only see the sculptures, fountains and traditional values, but also to touch the history of the Bavarian automaker. Ignites interest and the fact that the museum was a place near the BMW plant and central office building.

BMW Museum offers visitors the opportunity with a huge screen to try to create a dream car. Also noteworthy is the kinetic sculpture, which is a steel ball suspended from the ceiling by fishing line. When take a while, they begin to line up in the body of the car. About a thousand people annually cross the threshold of the museum, famous in addition to exhibits, and even its interesting architectural forms.

38 Museum BMW: a Colorful Past the Key to a Bright Future 47 Museum BMW: a Colorful Past the Key to a Bright Future 57 Museum BMW: a Colorful Past the Key to a Bright Future. The pride of the museum is its exhibits, including a wide variety of models of cars, motorcycles, by the way, they set aside a special room, as well as aircraft engine and different parts. Here you can meet even the famous sports car of James Bond (BMW Z3).

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