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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Useless - Junk Softwares In Computers

Useless / Junk Softwares In Computers
In Simple Words
When you move to a new house, which is Empty & Clean, you buy new furniture and other accessories for your house and starts filing its space. You keep buying the stuff until it's packed with everything you want. After sometime (when the new things become old) you buy more stuff for your house and keep the old stuff here and there (under the bed, on the roof, in the stores). What you don't realize, so many useless things are just occupying the space for nothing. You realize only when you have to do some re-arrangement or shift to a new apartment / house.

Back to the Point:
When you purchase a computer, the only thing which is installed in your pc is Operating System (sometimes even that you have to do ). Without any software installed, it is super fast and smooth. But after some time, you start installing the softwares and a time comes when your computer doesn't respond to you like before. Ofcourse it's because in your computer so many junk things are occupying the space and making the normal operations difficult for a computer.

Behind the Scenes:
Whenever you install any software, it make some changes in the operating systems (XP, vista, win7) registry keys, system files, running files and at some other locations as well. What we think that it doesn't matter if you just leave the useless softwares in the computers like that, and guess what really happens :

1.    Slowness in computers
2.    Browsers take their own time to open any website
3.    Computer takes its time to log into the windows
4.    Multiple pop-ups screens
5.    Computer won't properly shutdown or even restart
6.    Simple double clicking on a folder even takes time to open it and etc.

There is no harm in downloading a software and testing it. Every now and then we get recommendations from our friends about different softwares. We like to install them, test them, but after some time the software just stay in your PC like forever, even though you know you are not going to use it anymore.

Second biggest problem is, whenever you install any kind of software in your PC, most of the people don't follow the installation instructions. We just keep clicking NEXT NEXT and NEXT, until the installation is FINISH. By following such practice, what really happens is along with that software (which you want to install), some other softwares do get installed as well (most of the time these are browser toolbars), which are not needed at all. A simple ignorance cost a lot

My Advice

1. Atleast once in a month, go to control panel and open Add/Remove programs in WinXP or Programs and Features in Win7, and check  which softwares are installed in your computer and uninstall those which are not required.

2. Please please and please (I don't know how to make you believe that I'm really requesting you) whenever you are installing anything, then be careful and give your full attention to the installation steps. Just don't click Next, Next and Next.

3. Don't install bulk of softwares in your computer. Keep it clean with only those softwares which are required only.

4. Always download the softwares from the authentic / popular websites (cnet, filehippo, zednet etc.)

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